Favorite SCA Team: Results

44 Years Legendary Southern California All-Stars (SCA) Anniversary Survey

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1983 Team: Three McDonald's All-Americans on the team with Mike Smith, Matt Beeuwsaert and Tom Lewis. Won the National Championship.
(3 votes)
2000 Team: Four McDonald's All-Americans on the same team with Tyson Chandler, Cedric Bozeman, Josh Childress and DeAngelo Collins. Won the National Championship.
(9 votes)
2006 Team: 1st AAU team in history to go undefeated in an AAU season (48-0). Won the five major tournaments through out the country. Voted by the National Media as the Greatest AAU Team of All-Time with Kevin Love, Brandon Jennings, Renardo Sindey, Taylor King, Klay Thompson, Daniel Hackett and Malik Story. Won the National Championship.
Total Votes: 14