Who We Are

Much has been written about high profile players who have passed through Southern California All-Stars program. Many have gone on to individual stardom in college and the NBA. However, this is not always the only measure of success. Winning at life is more important than winning a basketball game.

Coach Barrett is extremely proud that over 500 of his former players have received D-I scholarships with major college basketball programs, and 53 have reached the NBA. Many of the other youth players in the program who did not advance to higher levels of basketball have still gone on to college. It is a tribute to Coach Barrett and the SCA program that the discipline and team principles learned at an early age have led to such a high degree of individual success for these young men.

Players on these teams are all potential leaders as a result of their athletic prowess and are required to maintain a minimum grade point average to participate. They are also required to attend practices where teamwork, punctuality, responsibility, personal hygiene, and good health habits are emphasized in addition to basketball skills. The objective is to bring focus to achieving goals and to begin preparing these young people for the demands which will be placed upon them as young adults.

The guidance, direction, and focus provided by the SCA coaching staff, combined with the experience the program provides in setting and attaining goals, has helped hundreds of youths maximize their potential and reach their own personal goals.

Our Organization

Founder & CEO Pat Barrett
Founded in 1979

Our Success

Southern California All-Stars Accomplishments. Numbers Don’t Lie.

  • 1985-86 Team 8 NBA players out of 10 players
  • 2006 Team 48-0 ( winning the 5 major tournaments ) – Never been done before
  • 10 AAU National Championships
  • CBS Sports claiming 2006 Team ( The Greatest AAU Team of All-Time )
  • 4 National High School National Player of the Years
  • 35 McDonald’s All-Americans
  • 40 Years helping 53 players get drafted into the NBA
  • 21 1st Round Picks in the NBA
  • 9 Lottery Picks in the NBA ( Top 16 Pick in NBA Draft )
  • Over 500 players went on to receive Division I college scholarships
  • 10 former coaches have moved up to Division I college coaching opportunities
  • Largest Sponsored Shoe AAU Program of All-Time ( Nike-Reebok-Adidas )